Paska vom Salztalblick

DOB: 04.05.2000 / Kkl. 1 / hips normal / ZB V

F: Selaß vom Schloß Richthof
M: Hella vom Mutzbach

Breed Survey Report:
Medium size, medium strong, very good head with striking dark eyes. High withers, firm back with slightly short croup, good front and rear, good chest proportions, correct front, straight gait, powerful ground-covering gait.  TSB pronounced: The dog releases on command.
Paska is an extremely willingly male dog,  with joy at work and a good ability to cope with stress and.  He’s a dog of great temperament, high drive potential, tireless ball drive and excellent character. In protection work, he shows a great dominance and yet a huge obedience and committed, hard full grips.
Most of his progeny show an excellent conformation along with an outstanding working ability, focus and willingness to work.
He has been used by several famous kennels for repeat crosses.
Around 70% his progeny have been breed surveyed in the Kkl.1
He strikingly instills into his progeny  very good angulations of the hindquarters.

*Selaß vom Schloß-Richthof SchH3 Kkl.1 ZB:SG
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