Branko vom Salztalblick

DoB: 17.04.2001 / SchH3/ IPO3/ FH2 / Kkl. 1 / hips normal / ZB V
Bundessiegerprüfung 2005 SG, 4x LG Ausscheidung, 2x Bundes-FH

F: Rocky von den Zingelgärten - M: Xenta vom Salztalblick


Breed Survey Report:

Above medium size, strong, substantial, dry and firm, very good expression and character. Good lines and good  front and rear angulations. Perfect chest proportions, correct straight stepping fore and hindlimbs.  He shows far reaching, powerful gait.  TSB pronounced; Dog releases on command.

Advantages: Right size, vigorous, confident and self-assured.

Branko has a wonderful, excellent conformation along with an outstanding working ability.
Branko’s progeny is above average (one of his sons became National and World-champion in 2006). He shows top performances in the tracking (also in very prestigious competitions such as LGA and BSP-FH), He exhibits  focus, drive and precision from beginning to end in the obedience. His work protection is just superb! He’s tough and serious and he always wants to dominate the helper: His barking in the guarding phase is very intense and powerful and his attacks are very tough and hard-edged with full grips.

*Rocky von den Zingelgärten SchH3 (BSP-V) IP3 FH1 ZB:V
*Troll von der bösen Nachbarschaft SchH3 (BSP-V)
*Fero vom Zeutener Himmelreich
*Askia vom Froschgraben
*Kisa von Lützing SchH3 FH1 ZB:SG
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*Hera aus dem Weinsbergtal
*Xenta vom Salztalblick SchH3 (SG-BSP) FH2 IP3 ZB:SG
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*Babsi von den Bayuwaren SchH1
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*Minka vom Bamberger Domplatz
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